Vol. 6 No. 01 (2023)
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Socio-demographic Profile of Patients with Foreign Body in Upper Aero-Digestive Tract

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Kamrun Nahar Hurain
Consultant, ENT & Head-Neck cancer hospital & Institute, Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior consultant, ENT & Head-Neck cancer hospital & Institute, Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Md Iqbal Hossen
Registrar, Anwer Khan modern medical college & hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rozina Akter Lata
Assistant Professor, General Surgery, Central Dental College, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nibash Chandra Ghosh
MBBS (C U) MS ENT, Associate Professor Department of Otolaroingology & Head Neck Surgery, Dr. Sirajul Islam medical college &Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nasima Aktar
Otolaryngology & Head-Neck surgery department, BSMMU, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Introduction: Otolaryngologists face significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenges when dealing with foreign bodies (FBs) in the upper aero-digestive tract. Most ENT surgeons will eventually have to deal with a patient who has lodged a foreign body in their Upper Aero- Digestive Tract (UADT), which can cause serious complications if immediate measures are not taken. Objectives: To study different types of foreign bodies (FB) that impacted in Upper Aero- Digestive Tract (UADT) in patients of different sociodemographic area that help in further management plan. Methods and Materials: A hospital based cross-sectional study was done in Department of Otolaryngorhinology and Head- Neck surgery, Dhaka Medical College Hospital from23rd March 2019 to 22nd September 2019. Purposive sampling technique was applied for study. Data were collected from the informant and recorded in structured case report form. Data was processed and analysed with the help of computer program SPSS version-22 and Microsoft excel. Result: In this study majority of patients 35(70.0%) belongs to age 0 to 10 yrs (Mean age   6.1±2.8). Male to female ratio was 1.7:1. In this study 21 (60.0%) children attended in hospital with foreign body impacted in nose, whereas in all patients of age group 21-30 year were found oesophageal foreign body. In this study, foreign body were commonly impacted in nose (42%), in oesophagus (20%) and throat (38.0%).Types of foreign bodies include metallic foreign bodies (36.0%), Non-metallic (44.0%) and living FB (20.0%).   Among them rural subjects were predominant (68.4% vs. 25.8% in rural and urban respectively). Conclusion: Otorhinolaryngeal foreign bodies remain frequent occurrence particularly in the younger age group 9 years old or less and high index of suspicion suggested and early intervention to prevent the morbidity and mortality from complications.

Published 28-11-2023


  • Foreign bodies,
  • Otolaryngorhinology,
  • Upper Aero-Digestive

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Hurain KN, Bahauddin, Hossen MI, Lata RA, Ghosh NC, Aktar N. Socio-demographic Profile of Patients with Foreign Body in Upper Aero-Digestive Tract . The Insight [Internet]. 2023 Nov. 28 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];6(01):266-7. Available from: https://bdjournals.org/index.php/insight/article/view/352