Vol. 5 No. 02 (2022)
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A Randomized Clinical Study of the Effect of UST Along with NSAIDS and Exercises in Lateral Epicondylitis in Bangladesh

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Arifur Rahman Chowdhury
Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, Rangpur Medical College, Rangpur, Bangladesh

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Background:It is speculated that ultrasonography can be beneficial for treating lateral epicondylitis because of the heat and mechanical effects of the procedure on the target area, which increase metabolism, circulation, the pliability of connective tissue, and tissue regeneration. Objective:To seethe effect of UST along with NSAIDS and exercises in Lateral Epicondylitis. Methods:This randomized clinical trial lasted for six months and was done by the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department at DMCH after the protocol was approved. Those with lateral epicondylitis who were receiving treatment outside of the hospital were encouraged to participate. A total of 30 people   who used UST suffered from lateral epicondylitis. Results: The study population's mean age was 38.78 ± 6.09 SD (years) [31-50 years], with 54.1% male and 44.3% female. The mean age of UST  was 39.53±6.16 and 38.03±6.01 SD (years), respectively, and age distribution was similar (P>.05). Baseline grip strength and VAS scores were 33.63±71 . After 6 weeks, there was  significant improvement in VAS score and grip strength (UST-2.50±1.43 and   UST-40.63±7.66 6; p<.001). Over six weeks, UST group had greater VAS and grip strength changes  (p<0.001).  Conclusion: The effects of UST treatment tend to be ameliorative. The VAS score and the Grip strength score improved noticeably more in patients who had UST therapy. To sum up, UST is a viable choice for treating lateral epicondylitis, and it's one that comes with a low risk/high reward profile. However, additional large-scale investigations are required before the conclusion can be made.

Published 14-04-2023


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