Vol. 4 No. 02 (2021)
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The Changing Pattern of Behavior towards COVID-19 in Rural Population of Bangladesh- a prospective study

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Taslima Akter
Senior consultant (Medicine), Department of Medicine, Comilla Medical College Hospital

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study was carried out at village- sultanpur, Upazilla: Debidwer, District: Cumilla from 01.07.2020 to 01.07. 2021. Where sample group divided into two types. Data those were taken on 01.07.2020 were classified into group-A where 185 respondents were interviewed and information were noted, whereas 175 respondents which were selected for study thereafter. The data collected on 01.07. 2021 were classified into Group-B. Result: During the study, majority of the respondents was belonged to 30-50 years age group, (41.67%) and highest 38.89% were completed only secondary level. In group-A highest 28% had no knowledge about COVID-19 and 33.4% had no knowledge about symptoms of COVID-19, 50% don’t know how it spreads whereas  in group-B, knowledge regarding COVID-19 improved where 30% had adequate basic knowledge about COVID-19 and higher number of people had knowledge about transmission and prognosis of this COVID-19. Besides that, according to attitude and practice in group-A, 66.7% believed about the rumor of COVID-19 vaccine, 83.33% didn’t  think of taking vaccine and less awareness regarding wearing mask and social distance were observed where as in group-B, only 9.5% people  believe rumor about COVID-19, and awareness regarding mask, hand washing shifting higher number of cases, 98.15% respectively. In addition, popular source regarding COVID-19 information were, friends and neighbour, 56%, Miking and Government announcements 50%, through social media, 48%. Conclusion: Bangladesh is a multi-ethnic nation with dramatically diverse economic income, education levels, and customs; it is assumed that the population's levels of awareness, attitude, and prevention will likewise be considerably different. Despite the fact that a positive attitude and awareness were detected in the research population the standard and consistent education and dissemination programs need to be developed and implemented.

Published 20-04-2022


  • COVID-19 pandemic,
  • awareness,
  • vaccine,
  • Attitude,
  • behavior

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