Vol. 7 No. 01 (2023)
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Exploring the Incidence and Contributing Factors of Skin Disorders — An Observational Study

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Md Ashraful Haque
Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Skin & VD, Central Medical College & Hospital, Cumilla, Bangladesh
Md Nazim Uddin
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Central Medical College, Cumilla, Bangladesh
Sadia Sarwar
Student, Global Cultural Industries Management, Calvin University, South Korea
Sazib Miah
Director, (Training & Development), IOJH Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Introduction: Skin disorders are prevalent health concerns with a substantial impact on individuals' well-being and healthcare systems. This study explores the incidence and contributing factors of skin disorders, aiming to enhance our understanding of their prevalence and potential determinants. Methods & materials: A total of 172 cases were analyzed, considering environmental and lifestyle factors such as smoking status, alcohol consumption, sunlight exposure, sunscreen use, and exposure to chemicals or irritants at work. This observational study employs a cross-sectional design, capturing data from the study population. Results: The findings reveal that a significant proportion of individuals (12.21%) are present smokers. Exposure to sunlight varies, with nearly half reporting less than 1 hour of daily exposure, underscoring the need to explore the relationship between sunlight duration and skin health. Sunscreen use is infrequent, with 94.77% either never or rarely using it, highlighting a potential gap in protective measures against harmful UV rays. A high percentage (97.67%) report never or rarely being exposed to chemicals or irritants at work, indicating a relatively low occupational risk for skin disorders. Conclusion: This comprehensive analysis sheds light on the multifaceted nature of skin disorders, emphasizing the interconnectedness of lifestyle choices and environmental exposures with skin health. The insights derived from this study contribute to the development of targeted preventive measures and interventions to mitigate the incidence and impact of skin disorders in the population.


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Published 10-02-2024


  • Skin disorders,
  • sunlight exposure,
  • sunscreen,
  • chemical exposure,
  • dermatological issues

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